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Narrabundah, Australian Capital Territory
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Scam!! They're now under 'abc4djinn' on ebay.

Can i get a refund somehow?

This is rediculous. I wish i did my research BEFORE i ordered from them.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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Ebay metaphysical seller Stonehenge7sisters has been discovered to be buyer ID Mypandacashflow. They buy jewelry from the many import sellers on eBay then make up stories about supposed metaphysical powers and false histories saying the piece was from a witches estate or whatever. When will the lying stop? Karma is nothing to mess with and all these lies in the name of spirit are going to cause a great karmic backlash. You can't trifle with the Powers that be!

These bogus meta sellers don't even have time to take new photographs! The ones taken by the wholesale vendors are clear and nice so they just add a little glow, swirl, or overlay and the pictures become instantly haunted!


Item number:230343629063 - 152CTTW LONDON BLUE QUARTZ .925 SILVER NECKLACE 15 3/4" from ana-silver-co PRICE SOLD-14.72


Item number:160350570296 - HAUNTED NECKLACE ~POWERFUL MASTER WARLOCK SPELL! Unlock YOUR Own Natural Psychic Magickal Powers & Energies!! from Stonhenge7sisters PRICE ASKED-4999.00

This next one they use the original sellers photograph but run it through a program to animate and make it vibrate.

Item number:160349738116 - ANGELIC HOST OF HAUNTED POWER RING MAKES YOU *MEGA RICH 2/3 * Better than Khodam,Djinn,Devatas,Genies,Marids! * from stonehenge7sisters asking price 24,999.99


Item number:310135631476 - 18CT WHITE TOPAZ STERLING FILIGREE RING SZ 7.5 ;102 from Ringlovers- price 9.59

THIS ONE IS SPECIAL - again they did not even re-photograph the ring-just used the original sellers picture with an overlay of what looks like the Andromeda spiral galaxy over the top!

Item number:230343629595 - 44CTTW AMETHYST .925 SILVER PENDANT 1 7/8" from seller ana-silver-co for the purchase of 4.99


Item number:150353032289 - HAUNTED TALISMAN POWERFUL RARE PSYCHIC ENHANCEMENT Naturally Develop YOUR Psychic Powers, Gain Wealth & Ma from seller stonehenge7sisters for the price of 3999.99

Item number:15035248662 - 3HAUNTED RING 12189 YR OLD ILMU KHODAM SPIRIT

VERY RARE ILMU KHODAM!Real Power!MUST PASS ON NOW!! from stonehenge7sisters for 118.50


Item number:230343821304 - Big pearl Sterling Silver 18K gold plated Ring JZ295A from seller phoenixaaa for the price of .99 cents

There are many pieces to compare so look for yourself before they all drop off.

Go to GOOFBAY.COM and put in buyer MYPANDACASHFLOW and choose 120 day option. Open another window and choose seller tool option 90 days for STONEHENGE7SISTERS. COMPARE!


WHY do you knock the seller's religious beliefs? They say that the rings are haunted or give powers, how can you prove otherwise, what if the original seller was not aware. You guys don't seem very tolerant of other people's religious views.

But then again if you are such a nutjob to believe in that hokey pokey, then I guess you deserve it :)
I only got pointed to this site by accident after I saw another auction by Stonehenge sisters which disturbed was a horrid story about the world ending in 2012 and was for a ring that was meant to prevent the wearer from harm. I couldn't stop thinking about this issue so I forwarded it to my top metaphysical seller who then told me about what they had been up to.

I am cross as I bought an expensive ring a while ago and when it arrived I felt nothing...I emailed SS and they said it could take up to a year to work. It was also meant to be hundreds of years old and no way was that ring that age. It was just normal silver with a sun stone.

That set me back £300 and was a waste of money. I am sorry for those who have been duped by those morons...I can't believe she is still trying to trade.
Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #74777

Stonehenge7sisters is now selling under the ID moonstar_blessings.


She claims that this brand new ring is 50 years old and came from a cave....


She just bought it on August 26, 2009 using her MYPANDACASHFLOW ID and paid 7.26 Item 290341439604 FABULOUS SMOKY TOPAZ 925 STERLING SILVER RING SZ 7.

She didn't even take a new picture for her "haunted Cave" Auction. She uses the SELLERS stock picture! Same exact ring, same exact size and same exact picture. Want more proof? Just compare what she buys on mypandacashflow to what she sells on stonehenge7sisters and moonstar_blessings.

If you have bought from the seller stonehenge7sisters OR MOONSTAR_BLESSINGS you have been taken. Demand a refund!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #74763

Stonehenge7sisters is certainly a class act! Since being outed buying *** on mypandacashflow and turning right around and selling it as "haunted" on stonehenge7sisters, their sales have plummeted!

They now have a new ID that they are peddling their mypandacashflow purchases on. Moonstar_blessings is their new user ID.

She is copying the name and style of Moonstar7spirits in an attempt to make a fast buck, but again she has been CAUGHT! Don't buy from stonehenge7sisters or moonstar_blessings unless you want a cheap COPY of a metaphysical item!



I am a buyer from them! I am so angry I could spit!I don't know what to say! I saw a post about this just a few minutes ago on a discussion forum and did not want to believe it. I'm literally speechless!

I have spent some very good money on their items but never felt much. I was told it was me! Other sellers have items I can sense. Now I know why Stonehenge7sisters items never worked for me much.

From now on I will stick to sellers like Creepyhollows, Moonstar7spirits, and a few others whose powers I felt strongly. I'm feeling very angry and betrayed!I hope I can get a refund on all the items I bought!

to SHOCKED!!!! #1190570

Im the latest to be ripped off!

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